Friday, April 16, 2010

Search for Storm Troopers

This photo of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier was taken in the early 1990s as a big, ol' storm was brewing in the Atlantic (please click on it to see it bigger)

Tidewater Log is looking for ANYONE that can identify ANYBODY in this photograph. 

Particularly, THESE people -

                                         Mr. and Mrs. Motorcycle

Mullett Man (in white shirt, against railing) and The Loner (foreground)

                                         Kid Fearless and His Cautious Granny

The Pampered Pooch, its Owner, and Mr. "Yes, Dear"

                                          ....and el Hombre muy Nervioso

Please help.  I'm thinking about turning this photo into a mini-series or a puppet show and need everyone's permission before starting...tonight.