Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Stab'll Do Ya

Lots and lots of stabbings have occured at the Beach this year.  This guy from Maryland stabbed somebody this past Saturday after they got into a fight on a trolley.  (Hello.  I'm not sure why, but all links to stories on the Virginian Pilot's website aren't working on Tidewater Log.  At least, they aren't working for me.  Very mysterious.  You having the same problem?  If so, just copy:

http://hamptonroads.com/2010/08/maryland-man-charged-oceanfront-stabbing and paste it into your browser.  If that doesn't work, google "Joseph Garvin Young Virginia Beach Stabbing"

A woman was standing on the beach near Shore Drive, talking on the phone, when this dude snuck up behind her and cut her neck just about a week ago.  

Copy and paste: 

http://hamptonroads.com/2011/04/man-pleads-guilty-attack-woman-va-beach, or google "Stephen James Franklin Shore Drive Attack"

In May, a young man from the Dominican Republic suffered gashes all over his head and had the tendons and veins in his right wrist sliced on Pacific Avenue by this samurai sword wielding maniac

Copy and paste: 

http://hamptonroads.com/2011/04/man-pleads-guilty-attack-woman-va-beach or google "Jeremie Alan OrtonVirginia Beach Samurai Sword"     

Those were the ones that received attention from the local media, but there must be a bunch more.  Possibly hundreds of millions.  I'm guessing close to a billion. 

Have you ever been at the Oceanfront after midnight?  Not lickin' an ice cream cone on a bench in front of King Neptune or smootching your hand in a lifeguard stand - that doesn't count.  I'm talking about walking or riding a bike on the numbered streets when nobody's around.  It's scary as hell. 

Even in bright, hot sunlight I've noticed creepy folks up to no good at the Beach.  They live in the crappy hotels along Pacific and Arctic Avenue or further inland in crappy apartment complexes. They're looking for people to rob.  They're addicted to some form of cocaine, meth, or pills.  They're looking for people walking to or from work.  People on vacation.  People not paying attention.

Soooooo, pay attention.  Travel in groups.  If you're alone, be quick.  Don't linger.  If some fool jumps out and scares the crap out of you, yell "FIRE" and run towards activity. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vortex of Sloppy Confusion: 29th Street and Arctic Avenue

The road's all covered with sand and dirt - so thick you can't ride a bike on it.  I don't see any "No Trespassing" signs, so I'm goin' in...

Pumps and tubes and plastic poles and valves plopped all around...

There's a loud, chuggling pump sucking water from somewhere underground...

...and dumping it in down an open manhole.  No.  "Manhole" sounds gross.  It's a sewer drain or some sort of drainage pipe.  The gravel has been stained with rust...never seen that before...gross...

Should someone be around?  Guarding it?  Supervising?   I mean, I could just puncture the tube and leave...

I could tip that portable toilet over.  What if Bruce Thompson's in it right NOW?  Nobody's around.  Anywhere.  If somebody saw something from one of those condos, and called the cops, I'd be long gone by the time they arrived.  Hey, who am I kidding, those condos are half empty and people don't look out windows anymore...

Naw...I better not do anything.  I'll just head down to the beach, buy a Big-Gulp and a beer, go around back of the 7-Eleven, dump out the Big-Gulp, tilt the cup, and pour the beer in.  The sun's getting low and I want to watch the dolphins dance.  Plus, all this water splashing noise made me have to pee.  

(Well, it looks like all the mess is for this or this.  You know, the whole Laskin Road area redevelopment chaos.  Shoulda known.)