Saturday, October 1, 2011

Concise Parade Description: Neptune Festival XXXVIII

Did you sleep through the Neptune Festival Grand Parade again this year?  Don't worry - I witnessed the whole thing and here are the only things I bothered to take pictures of.

Look.  It's the mayor and his favorite rocking chair.

Not sure who this dude is, but he's this year's King Neptune.  That means he most likely works at an investment firm or a real estate delevopment company of some kind.  Wonder what he's got on under that robe? 

A big ol' flag.

A woman knitting in a DeLorean.

The ACTUAL Norwegian Lady.

Weird.  A serious, creepy religious float blasting loud Christian music and people holding signs about how everybody's a sinner and going to hell.  Everybody just watches it go by.  No clapping or cheering.  Some dude with a microphone shouts "Give it up for JESUS!" and nobody says anything.   

Oh my God.  They're about to do some sort of ceremony or something.  They're CHAINING up some poor guy.  Even the skeleton with one eye can't believe what he's seeing! 

This parade is sponsored by the City of Virginia Beach. What is this float doing here? 

There aren't ones promoting Buddhism or Islam.  Odd. If you include one religion - you gotta include 'em all.  That's the fair thing to do, right?