Monday, August 29, 2011

The WORST of HAMPTON ROADS 2011 - Open Call for Suitable Suggestions

In the several minutes that I braved without power during Hurricane Irene, I decided that NOW is the time to roundup the WORST of things in the area and do so in a regular, timely manner each following year until the internet explodes.

I want your own AUTHENTIC accounts of downright horrible experiences at LOCAL watering holes, chinese buffets, seafood restaurants, thrift stores, car dealerships, shopping malls, pizza places, shoe stores, intersections, parking lots, hardware stores, golf courses, coffee shops, museums, surf/skate shops, drugstores, ANYTHING and ANYWHERE in the seven cities.  Repeat offenders are also worth noting, but if you keep returning week after week to a place after you found a dirty mop string in your hot & sour soup - I have no pity for you.  

Please just give me your top 3 or 4 experiences.  If you simply send me a list of 436 local businesses and how they have wronged you in the past - I'll jot your name down on my "loony list" and make fun of you.  

If you have a neighbor or a cousin that had a genuinely horrible experience somewhere that I should know about - SEND THEM THE LINK TO THIS PAGE or call them and have them write it down on that little pad of paper EVERYBODY has next to their phone.

Priority will go to messages that are sent straight to this brand new Worst of Hampton Roads facebook page.  That's where I figure I'll hear most feedback anyway.  "Like" it and share it with your friends.  You can also leave a comment below if you want.  You're probably on facebook right now anyway, so just do it there.  

The categories will evolve over time.  I don't think it's necessary to include "Worst Peruvian Restaurant" just yet.  I'm hoping to have at least 10 or so at first.  I'll release the official "Worst of Hampton Roads 2011" list sometime later this year.

Oh yeah, and I can tell who's bullshittin' and who's not.  It's easy for me to spot genuine outrage and don't forget that I'm the reigning king of local bullshittin' so try, try, try if you want, but the unfortunate winners of this contest will have several corroborating entries from various folks that have never met.  

UPDATE 12/29/2011: As expected only about 13 people submitted serious suggestions.  Most stated that "the whole kitchen staff was Mexican" or "I screamed back in her face that I'd buy my kinky Mrs. Claus costume somewhere else".  So, I made a list mostly based on my own impressions.  Big surprise, huh?  Click here please.