Monday, February 28, 2011

Thrift Store Review: JCOC on Virginia Beach Blvd.

Located along Virginia's scenic Virginia Beach Boulevard corridor, 1805 to be exact, the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center Thrift Store is sure to offer something to tickle your fancy bone. There's "Fill Up This Bag With As Many Clothes You Can Fit In It" day, lots of books and records, and the best deals on furniture I've ever seen at a store.  Nothing fancy.  Need a chair? Good.  $10.  Boom.  It's yours.  Lick it.

The book prices are exactly what they should be everywhere.

See?  Nothing over a buck.  Perfect.  Same goes for single tapes and records and stuff.

Recently, I've noticed DVD and VHS prices at other thrift stores in the $2.99 - $4.99 range. Ridiculous.  Don't pay that much.  Unless it's "The Corndog Man".  Hell, even if it's that....don't pay over $1.   

They used to have rows and rows and boxes and boxes of records.  You weren't able to look through all of them in one visit.  Good stuff and the typical filler. They got rid of a bunch of 'em. Or somebody bought ALL  of them and made this -

The framed art and stuff is a little too pricey for me. A dusty, framed picture of a butterfly on a puppy's nose for $6?  No thanks.  Same with the knick-knacks.  Don't buy that stuff anyway. You're slowly inching towards "kooky hoarder with a smelly house" territory with each figurine and ashtray purchase.

The clothes are packed as tight as humanly possible on the racks and the aisles are a little small if you're one of the McGuire twins. You know, these dudes - 

There used to be an older fella that was in charge of fixing up computers and stuff.  He always played a great internet oldies radio station that played cool, old songs.  Not "Brown Eyed Girl" and "My Girl" over and over and over.  Weird stuff.  Like The Hombres and The Dramatics.  He's no longer there.  They just blast a local  radio station now.  Wear headphones.  (I didn't follow my own advice and got to hear a female employee's word for word recital of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" as she straightened up records about 3 feet away from me)

The folks are friendly and it's fun to try to pick out the employees that are working off their community service.  Oh, and before you leave, bask in the glory of the SpongeBob wall for a few minutes.

(As of late June 2011, this store is closing and everything is 60% off.  They don't know if, when, or where they're relocating.)