Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shriney Happy People

Have you ever seen a Shriner's Parade?  I have.  Many.  There was one today on Atlantic Avenue.   I swear  I could keep what I saw at this year's parade a secret, but I won't.

Here's pretty much everything that you need to see to be able to tell your friends, "Yes, I have seen a Shriner's Parade".  But remember, it's more in how you say it that will convince your friends that you were actually there.  Keep a straight face and maintain eye contact through the duration of the entire sentence.

And that's it.  Amazing, huh?

After the parade they go get drunker and by nightfall there's all sorts of mischief going on.  Talk to somebody that's waited on a table full of Shriner's the afternoon of the parade.  Wowza.  Talk to somebody that's worked security or the front desk at a hotel the night of the parade.  Yep.    

(Sometimes the clown makeup stays on the whole weekend)