Thursday, March 29, 2012

Log on the Job

Do you have a cool job?  A job that gives you access to a strange location where you perform unusual duties? Lighthouse sweeper?  Bruce Thompson's masseuse?  Oyster shell sniffer?
I want to follow you around for a day, watch what you do, bug you with a bunch of questions, write a story, and post it here for my 29 readers to enjoy.  If you're not allowed to have people follow you around or some other dumb work rule that could get you fired - then YOU be the reporter/photographer and send me an exclusive peek into your weird daily routine.  If it's a job you want to leave soon, we could have a whole lot of fun with this.  

Send me a message on facebook with a description of your job and if it makes at least ONE of my eyebrows raise - I'll get in contact with you.