Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laser Pointers And The Signs That Sell Them on Atlantic Avenue

Last month, the Pungo hog farmer currently serving the cheery folks of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake in the 81st district in the Virginia House of Delegates, Republican Barry D. Knight, introduced a bill that would make it a crime to point a laser at an airplane.  On Monday, a subcommittee recommended passing the bill and now there's just a few more steps until it becomes a law.  I usually don't like rules and ignore any effort made to limit our rights to do anything, but I gotta agree with ol' Barry here and think something's gotta be done about this. Now. And as much as I can't stand jet noise, I like it a whoooole lot better than jet crashing noise.

Here's my FIRST and ONLY suggestion that would cut down the amount of laser beams being shined into cockpits in Virginia Beach by at least 99.812% - STOP SELLING LASER POINTERS IN ATLANTIC AVENUE GIFT SHOPS.  What kind of tourist buys their tourist kid a laser pointer for a souvenir?  A moronic simpleton.  Buy a them a book or a beer bong.

Not only are the dumb parents to blame, but the stores are also at fault.  You can buy lasers ANYWHERE at the Oceanfront.  The temptation to buy one surrounds you, because EVERY STORE has a sign in their window advertising them.  Not only are they proudly displaying signs for the highly dangerous "Green Laser", they encourage aiming them at pretty much anything. Look, I took these photos yesterday -

And the most shocking of them all...