Saturday, April 30, 2011

Search for Bored Walkers

I tried this once before and received a somewhat whelming response, so I'm trying it again with a 1931 photograph of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  Click on it to inspect it closer...

Notice how classy everybody looks.  They didn't dress this way to be quirky - they actually wanted to look halfway respectable in public!  Amazing!

Once again, I'm looking for ANYONE that can identify ANYBODY.

Particularly, THESE people -

Professor Peanut

                                       Mr. Sniffles

The Ol' Stogie

                                               Miss White Glove

Wide Open Robe Guy

                                                  Kid Twisty Arms

...and the Lady Friends

Please show or describe these people to the older, "less aloof" members of your family.  I'd like to turn this photograph into a mime routine or a stomach tattoo and need everyone's permission eventually.  Thanks.