Thursday, February 18, 2010

Uncut for Our Pleasure

The following Hampton Roads things will NOT be cut from the state budget because they're waaaaaaaaay more important than teaching kids how to read or tap dance.

Local Programs and Services

Keep Rudee Inlet Somewhat Clean

Keep Ocean View Just a Little Seedy

Keep Virginia Beach Boulevard Beautiful

Rebuild the Dome

Save Pembroke Mall

Impotence Caused by Jet Noise Support Group

Free Shag Lessons for Seniors

Free Magazines for Bored Bay Colony Housewives

Free Hermit Crabs for Everybody

Local Attractions:

The Atlantic Avenue T-Shirt Museum

The Laskin Road Feeder Lanes

Town Center Taco Bell

Bruce Hornsby's House

Pat Robertson's Apartment

The Oceana Vineyards

The Knotts Island Nudist Colony

Fort Oberndorf