Thursday, January 7, 2010

McGehee Sweheeps Local Acousty Awards

For the 18th year of his career, the 11th year in a row, and the first time this decade, Lewis McGehee has won every award at the 38th Annual Hampton Roads Acoustic Entertainmant, or "Acousty" Awards Ceremony, held on Tuesday in the Pungo Ramada's Somewhat Large Room B.

McGehee won first place honors in the following categories:

- Best Performer
- Best Guitarist
- Best Songwriter
- Best Fingerpicker
- Best Singer
- Best Use of Capo
- Best Sound
- Best Dressed
- Best Hair
- Best Stage Banter
- Best Diction
- Best Response to a Heckler
- Best Long Term Career Plan
- Most Improved Performer
- Most Willing to Travel Over 100 Miles in One Night for 2 Gigs
- Most Likely to Play Anywhere for Any Amount of People
- Least Likely to Offend Tourists
- Least Likely to Have Too Many Bud Lights and Burp Lyrics

Mr. McGehee graciously accepted all of his awards via a short text message.  He was en route from a gig in Suffolk to one in Yorktown.

The evening's only glitch occured when a giggly, glassy-eyed Karl Werne stumbled onstage and wrestled the microphone away from Master of Ceremonies Mike Proffitt.  Unrecognizable without his trademark wig or false moustache, Werne slurred his way through a bizzare rant that touched on a variety of topics including - Hondo guitars, thumbtacks, his unmanageable irrital bowel syndrome, unresolved storylines from "Coach", cold bubblegum soup, once eating a basset hound, John Mayer's legs, and the thrill of mixing various over-the-counter cold medicines.  Werne continued mumbling as he was escorted out of the ceremony by Warren Seaburg, pausing only to ask audience members for money...and to break wind.

Female Lewis McGehee impersonator, Lois McGee quickly segued into a sing-along medley of McGehee's hits.